11/9 The saga continues, the new day one

This is a homework assignment. Just a journal more or less of recreating myself and my business after 10 years of semi-retirement inspired when our cruise from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Nova Scotia got cut short by Covid-19 — more to come.

On the advice of Russel Brunson, I will publish something, anything, every day. the suggestion is to simply start with documenting “the journey”, so as he will probably become a billionaire this week or next year, maybe he knows what he is talking about, at least as far as marketing on the internet. sooo… without further ado (come on Grammarly, that word don’t look right)

At the end of May, we returned home. I spent time puttering around, being in quarantine and modifying our boat cradle, and just enjoying the Covid-summer. Then in August, I started doing some research on how to better support Dave at Arbor Plant Health care with his internet marketing. I decided to see if I could get my company website, prosperityconsulting.com to even show up in the google ranking so I installed Squirrly WordPress plug-in, got the premium license that ties you into their search rank services and got to work.

Under the premise that what I learned could be applied to Dave’s website / AdWords marketing that I have been managing for over 10 years I tried to get my website to “rank”. I suppose this activity and related searches got me into the youtube algorithms and before you know it, I am getting all kinds of ads about making a million dollars, real soon. One thing did catch my eye, something about funnels and the death of websites. In any case, I took an online webinar by Russel Brunsen and was pretty convinced of what he was saying.

But I still checked him out. Forbes and other publications confirmed that he was the real deal and not just another internet con-artist. So I signed up for an inexpensive course, then a more expensive program and it turns out the guy and his organization are very good at what they do and completely over-deliver on what you buy. But they do constantly, and I mean constantly, try to sell you more stuff. More and more and more stuff.

As I am in the startup phase I pretty much violated everything I already know, and teach others, about staying focused keeping with one thing at a time etc. But then again, in R&D mode, there is room for experimentation. Boy did I experiment? I did sign up for another course by some Australian guy, Mark Bowness, who also seems legit, (so far), he is a student of Russel and starts Tribes.

So I have got two training programs going at once, which supposedly take an hour or so a day, but in reality some days, it will take 4 or 5 hours to complete the homework for either course. Both are value-packed I have to say, but the clickfunnel stuff is truly very high-value and very very professional.

(I also signed up for Jon Penberthy’s high-level program, very expensive, I won’t say how much, but after 3 days into it, I realized it was not for me. At least not at this time. I will say that they very politely and apparently happily refunded my money as they said they would, and as mentioned, it was a bit chunk of money! Not to give the wrong impression I think Jon is also the real deal, extremely professional and polished and I should write something on the whole experience. Oh, he is also someone who learned from Russel Brunson.) to continue…

So wow, where am I, what am I trying to say, oh, right. Russel says just document and get practice writing or blogging or vlogging, so I am. I also explored many other “offers” both because they were good enough to get me interested and it is also part of the “funnel hacking” philosophy, find people who are spending money to advertise and see how they are doing it. Then copy them as much as you can, but don’t plagiarize. So I am in the second week of the Tribe program and the Third week of the One Funnel Away program and am behind in both and way over my head in getting the work done. These guys are maniacs! Or maybe it is because I will be 70 at the end of the month and am not 24 anymore. (or even 50). So how many words have I typed? I don’t know but probably enough for today. So yeah, I missed about three months, of the journey of reemerging from the ashes but will start today on logging the journey, the trials, tribulations, successes and costs.

Big discovery or re re re-discovery. Everything new takes 2, 3, or 5 times the time you think it will take. This morning, just getting into Medium, I was hit with sign-up to get paid, which led to sign-up with stripe, which led to digging out bank information. Then more “up-sells” from Russel and Mark, each took time, then following the instructions from Mark, to link to Facebook, linked-in, youtube etc. then just trying to figure out the time-zone in Australia, holy cow. I got in at 7:00 and did not start my regular lesson until 11:30. OK, maybe spend an extra half hour on emails about what is going on with the election and why Trump won’t concede!!! . But still FOUR HOURS just following the steps that really I did not expect to be following but were part of the two courses I am in. click, open, log-on, reset password, find info, follow instructions, dig up needed information, log-in again to the then place, find the link, copy the link, go back sheesh!

I will say, after having started 6 pre-internet businesses, things do work a little differently in terms of staying focused. As I know I will need to sign-up for Stripe to launch my funnel as well as I know I will need to link to the other social media sites so there is merit to doing it while it is in front of me as it is on the critical path. Getting started, overcoming inertial of standing still, learning ad relearning a hundred things. So an interesting learning experience. Also, as we all know “the mail” used to come in once a day, now it comes in once a minute.

till tomorrow

Old man, but not as old as Biden, restarting a career in consulting to small businesses. helping with sales, vision and planning, management, operations

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