day 7 — 11/14 a day off and Phone-World

Learning, learning and more learning. Entering the new world of phone-world. Everything is on my phone. This post was recording/transcribed on my android phone

I walked around the mall today in Bridgewater Nova Scotia. Definitely covid-19 time, definitely so. Most people had masks some people didn’t, still a very strange weird odd situation. Not leaving the house much immersed in the web, computer, funnels, marketing, thinking, contemplating, planning, questioning, wondering. It was something to get outside see the world of the living, the sort of living.

Strange times very strange times extremely strange times still. We still don’t know who the president of the United States is, we still don’t know. Never saw something like that before, someone does not want to accept defeat. Noble, inspiring, persistent, irritating, all of the above, some of the above. But nevertheless precarious, quite precarious really. At the same time if someone wants to hold on, and there is a chance, then they hold on. When will we know?

It is a strange time; plague, social unrest, the potential for more than social unrest, I hope not. I hope not. So I will do the best I can to go on with my life. What else, what else can one do. We do live in an amazing, magical, and also extremely corrupt and disheartening manipulative time. I have been in most in the world of marketing and sales. Half-truths, outright lies, misleading statements, pure manipulation, some truths. Some.

Robots, algorithms, automation, lies, half-lies, manipulation, make $1,000,000 a month. If you can’t make $100,000 a month today, according to the internet at least, you are a failure, outright pure plain and simple failure. now a hundred thousand a month, that’s the entry line that’s the threshold that’s where you start! Make $100,000 a month or you’re a schmuck just a plain schmuck a hundred thousand a month that’s what we do! A thousand a day 10,000 a day a million a day that’s the advertising. We have people who sell a thousand a day after 90 days in business. It gets a little hard to take but seems to be what people want. Seems to be what makes the world go round. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know.

Is there a way to offer decent Improvement without promising a thousand a day or 10,000 a day or a hundred thousand a month am I the only one who thinks this is odd? Am I the only one who’s not making a ten thousand a month? I have to say it’s a strange world that’s all for now

Nov 14, 2020

Old man, but not as old as Biden, restarting a career in consulting to small businesses. helping with sales, vision and planning, management, operations

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