day 7–11/13 Shifted gears, getting focus, setting objectives

This is a homework assignment. Just a journal more or less of recreating myself and my business after 10 years of semi-retirement inspired when our cruise from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Nova Scotia got cut short by Covid-19 On the advice of Russel Brunson, I will publish something, anything, every day. the suggestion is to start with documenting “the journey,”

To this point, I have been in learning, absorbing, re-learning mode. I did not really know how long that would take, but I think it is time to move into an objective-based mode. Some notable lessons

  • Everything new takes way longer than expected (see yesterday)
  • I actually “know” a lot. I have been reading/reviewing old books, courses and other training, listening to new people's new training, new training by older people, and just generally re-entering the world for marketing and sales. Russel Brunson has been good. He offered several other people, including Tony Robbins of firewalking fame and a basketful of people I have not heard of and many specifics about the new technologies and things like Facebook groups, funnels, squeeze pages, and producing videos. Which kind of goes against the grain, as I have never been a public person. But I have given dozens or hundreds of talks to small groups and groups up to about a few hundred people, so “public speaking” is not new, but video capture is new. But the “know a lot part,” it seems the process and phycology of marketing and sales have not really changed. Nor has the phycology of getting things done, achieving and fulfillment. Interestingly enough, it seems that for all the outer changes and frankly insanity, human beings and human psychology has not really changed in at least 100 years, but more like 10,000 years: same old motivators, same old fears, same old weaknesses and same old confusions. I guess the point here is that in watching many videos and being in discussion groups on Facebook etc. it is clear that many people hear profound messages about “how things work” for the first time, or at least they have not assimilated or internalized many of the profound principles of success, achievement, happiness and so on. Whew, not that I really thought things would be different. Still, it turns out, at least from what I have seen from some of the current “top people” in sales, blogging, YouTubing, coaching, self-help, nurturing, winning, promoting and so on, there is nothing new at the fundamental level. But not technology, methods and mechanics are very different. And the ability to reach tens of millions of people is truly different. Everything is multiplied, your success and your failures.
  • Back to relearning. Coincidentally two people talked about focus, prioritizing, motivation and breaking things up into manageable pieces today. Tony Robbins and John Lee Dumas. I never heard of John before today, but apparently he is an up and comer in the blogosphere. Or maybe he is an “arrived” in the blogosphere. Things move very fast these days. In any case, it was good to hear that again; I did not hear anything new, things I have assimilated and internalized and mostly operate according to unconsciously. Not entirely, but pretty much. Having been retired for 10 years, there was a deliberate intention of not really trying to get anywhere or do anything except “smell the roses,” so to speak. But now, jumping back into an objective oriented world or a results-oriented world will be a shifting of gears.
  • Speaking of shifting gears, I switched from ClickFunnels to Kartra. I got a refund of $996 for six months of ClickFunnels and a whole lot of training material. It will cost me about $900 for a year of Kartra, but supposedly I won’t be needing a bunch of add-ons with Kartra. They do have some marketing training. Hopefully, I have not passed up too much, but as mentioned, I think I have covered this ground, and at some point, I have to stop learning and start doing. I did not want to get too much invested in Clickfunnels on the technical side as, after the 6 months, the cost of a month is almost $300 plus Vimeo, plus a calendar service, plus, plus, plus.
  • I am still trying to get the video, and voice thing worked out. My words don’t sync with my mouth movement, which is frustrating. I don't know if it is camera quality, processing speed or something else. Sheesh, I would really like to get beyond this technical setup phase.

Old man, but not as old as Biden, restarting a career in consulting to small businesses. helping with sales, vision and planning, management, operations

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