day 13–11/20 The secret to wealth

This is a homework assignment. Just a journal more or less of recreating myself and my business after 10 years of semi-retirement inspired when our cruise from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Nova Scotia got cut short by Covid-19 On the advice of Russel Brunson, I will publish something, anything, every day. the suggestion is to start with documenting “the journey,”

The secret to wealth - or- a strange story for a business page.

The first part of the secret is that there really is no secret. The supposed secret has been known forever. One way of putting it is that no one gets something for nothing. Not in the long run, at least.

The secret to wealth was used as a headline as this seems to be something many people are interested in. I could have said the secret to having a mediocre life. But, would that have interested anyone? Probably not.

In any case, I will continue on my quest to discover how to present something that may be worth presenting. Trying to present it in a world where hardly anyone actually wants what they want, but mostly want what they think they should want. What Hollywood, the newspapers, the magazines and the internet constantly tell us we should want. Sure, we all want “success,” but what does that actually mean?

Could it mean; paying the bills, having time for our family and friends and not being stressed out constantly? Could it mean having a “nice little business” that employs half a dozen people who feel good about what they do during the day and go home feeling good about themselves?
Could it be a comfortable income and a reputation for honesty and delivering what you promise and clients that love your work? Could that be a success?
Could it be a nice house in a nice neighbourhood with no mortgage and no car payments and a family that loves and appreciates each other? Could that be enough?

It can be not very clear in today’s world where everything is measured in money, and money is the only measure of a person's worth. It seems that lack of stress, or “happiness” or kindness, or services to others are ignored as measures. Or are actually scorned as signs of weakness or “lack of drive,” or “Not living up to your potential.” If you're not on your way to a million dollars a year or at least $20,000 / month in personal income, then you are a lazy bum and pretty worthless according to what I have encountered in the last 60 days or trying to figure out how to go back into business in the internet age.

I watched a video last week of a very famous “success coach,” very famous. He talked about all his famous and wealthy friends, and how his friend had built the largest hotel in the world where people came and lost $10,000,000 in one gambling session and were glad to be there! Somehow this was just wonderful and was supposed to instill envy in the audience. If not instill envy, at least establishes his “authority” as an authority on “how to live one’s life.”

Somehow today, people who will plow under 200 acres of pristine oceanfront land and pave it displace an entire local culture to create lots and lots of “jobs”. Of course, low paying treadmill, purposeless jobs for the natives, So people who can lose $10,000,000 gambling have a place to play, are to be held in awe and admired.

Hmm, I don’t know about you, but it seems there must be; there must be more to it. Of course, we also hear how the very famous “life authority” has fed 100,000 or a million hungry people with some feed-the-people program. I wonder why this was mentioned repeatedly?

I wonder, I don’t have an answer, but as I watch every shred of nature get paved or turned into casinos or “preserved” as a private park for the wealthy, I wonder. Something somewhere goes “clang”.
Where is the line between not having enough and yes, I will say it, having too much?

It seems that our resources are, in some way, finite. There is only so much land and so many fish. Is there a point where there is not enough for some because others have taken too much? Or simply destroyed too much?

I will say I am all for money. I don’t have anything against money or accumulation of it in proportion to some kind of service, but is there a point where we have become unhinged, unbalanced, disconnected and uncaring about what and who is destroyed in the name of “Progress”?

I will also say, just to clear the air, I don't believe that a communist or pure socialist model is viable or even desirable. I say this from a simple thinking-it-through perspective based on what I know of human nature, as well as with a strong dose of history. So have no fear; this is not a tricky communist manifesto. Not by a long shot.

We all know there is such a thing as not having enough. But is there such a thing as having too much?

What do YOU think?

Old man, but not as old as Biden, restarting a career in consulting to small businesses. helping with sales, vision and planning, management, operations

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