11/10 day 4 Ready to build a funnel

This is a homework assignment. Just a journal more or less of recreating myself and my business after 10 years of semi-retirement inspired when our cruise from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Nova Scotia got cut short by Covid-19 On the advice of Russel Brunson, I will publish something, anything, every day. the suggestion is to simply start with documenting “the journey”,

So what’s a funnel? If it was 10 years ago we would simply call it a website. then we might call it a single page website, or an automated marketing website. Many people are familiar with the term “Sales funnel”, picture a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. A whole lot of leads go in the top where it is spacious and as the funnel gets more restricted, many of these leads are no longer leads for various reasons, but some become prospects, a lesser number of those become hot-prospects then some become sales or customers. A vast number of leads are funnelled down into a greatly reduced number of sales. Well, a Clickfunnel works in a similar fashion but with a lot of automation, pre-screening, slicing and dicing and directing the lead done by the computer. But only after the human has figured out what to say, how to say it when to say it, where to say it and what pictures to show with it. Then the computer does this over and over again as many times as someone clicks the link.

Yes, same old thing, but a totally different thing. These have been around for close to 10 years but were very hard to build until Russel created an automated system. now he has a few competitors, so you, me and our dogs are going to see more and more and more of these types of sales funnels, and less and less old-fashion websites when we click on an ad on youtube, facebook, google search or wherever.

So back to the journey. I started this about 3 weeks ago when I realized, duh, that the internet marketing world was changing rapidly. I have been managing AdWords and Facebook campaigns for conventional websites for about 6 years, but some things were becoming obvious different. As it turns out one of my clients (my only active client, remember I am mostly retired) probably won’t make great use of a clickfunnel type website. He has a local/regional services business and actual humans have to get in an actual truck and climb trees and use very scary chainsaws to deliver their products. Definitely not a “digital product”, But what I have learned about the current online marketing techniques will be a big bonus for all my clients (I am looking to get new ones) with or without funnels. So while this is not an advertising blog or article I will say again I am highly impressed with the Clickfunnel organization, training, support, professionalism and value for the dollar. And I have not yet gone live, with the actual product!

OK, so the lessons learned today. Tony Robbins is worth billions and is a dynamic communicator and has a lot of friends that are worth billions.

So this is part of my challenge or how to start a business or redesign and launch a business after 10 years of ‘retirement’ and rapid changes in the world of business, particularly online business when:
A) I am not a billionaire and don’t have a billionaire reputation
B) I have not helped millions of people obtain success
C) Most of my references and testimonials are over 10 years old
D) I don’t actually have a fully-cooked “product” yet, just 40 years of successful business experience and training and experience in the consulting world.
E) I want to pick up where we left off in the springtime with the sailing trip that we cut-short because of Covid. So I have about 6 months of full-time effort to make something happen
F) I am committed to relaunching this internet-based business without; lying, cheating, stealing or misrepresenting my offer. And doing this while in many ways directly competing with millionaires and billionaires with quality offerings, as well as with a lot of questionable people who promise fantastical results, people with huge advertising budgets, and people much younger and better looking than me.

So, I should get back to creating my headlines for my first offer.

Old man, but not as old as Biden, restarting a career in consulting to small businesses. helping with sales, vision and planning, management, operations

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